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Wednesday, December 16, 2009


In the midst of our demanding lives, we often miss the most important gift of His presence. Join us in a life changing journey through Sarah Young's devotional book, Jesus Calling. We are looking for 100 or more women who want to partner with us.


  1. Yesterday I finished reading the Bible through and today I read Proverbs 1 and the January 1 in Jesus Calling.
    Since Sunday I have had the song from Fanny Crosby going through my head, "Jesus is Calling". The second verse is for me - -
    Jesus is calling the weary to rest
    Calling today, calling today,
    Bring thy burden and thou shalt be blest;
    He will not turn you away.
    Calling today,Calling today,
    Jesus is calling, is tenderly calling today.

    Last year was a very sad and tough year.
    I have been telling Jesus in journals how my days have been going for several years. I have praised Him, worshipped Him, served Him to the best of my ability and asked Him for many things. He has given me peace and joy.

    I am so excited to focus on LISTENING this year.
    Praise be to God!
    Barbara E

  2. Proverbs 2:2 'Make my ear attentive to wisdom, incline my heart to understanding.'
    Relax in His healing prescence - I bring my aches and pains to Him -- and LISTEN.

  3. Happy New Year ladies!

    My prayer for us is that we have a teachable spirit and are eager to be changed. May we walk closer to God this year.
    I am taking a silly poll. will you say twenty-ten or two thousand ten?

    Deb C (Deb Cook)

  4. I thank the Lord for His peace, this will be a very busy week. I will hide in His PEACE. I heard the birds singing outside around the birdfeeder above the snow.

  5. It is so very interesting listening to my physical, normal, human hearing and trying to change to spiritual hearing. I am listening in very quite times and am thinking of things in the future that come true. Was that God telling me what was going to happen or was that a probable event that did happen??????? Was He meeting the desires of my heart or was I just lucky that it turned out that way???? I love depending and learning new things about my Lord and Savior!!!