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Thursday, March 26, 2015

God's Hopeful Waiting Room

WAITING...WAITING...WAITING..."is the way I designed you to live, all day, every day. I created you to stay conscious of Me as you go about your daily duties." (89)
Waiting is usually one of our least favorite ways of spending time. Yet, I've noticed it's during HOPEFUL waiting when we tend to become more aware of God, more keenly attuned to His presence and more likely to search out His higher perspectives and purposes!
Over the years I've made more trips to doctors' offices, with my precious aging parents. We've often commented on how nice it is to wait WITH someone, rather than having to wait alone. Having another caring person there to chat with, makes the long wait far more tolerable and hopeful.
Because waiting can be such a challenge, I'm grateful for those who will enter Life's Waiting Room with us and just wait and wait and wait, hopeful, even when we're (not so)...
Willing to Wait...dmc

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Grateful or Grumbling

"A thankful mind-set keeps you in touch with Me. I hate it when My children grumble..." (88)
We've all been around those who habitually grumble or around children who tend to fuss and whine, or even adults who love to complain. God has many, many children and I'm guessing the ones who've learned to be gracious and grateful must certainly be refreshing to Him! Zephaniah 3:14 & 17 speaks of how God rejoices over those who have a heart that rejoices! Psalm 5:11-12 tells us that they are surrounded with God's favor "like a shield."
I was especially blessed by being brought up in a home where being grateful, even awed with life, was not uncommon! Words of affirmation and encouragement were readily spoken. So, to turn that same kind of response towards God just makes a lot of sense to me.
The thought that captured me today was that when we grumble we are "casually despising (God's) sovereignty." That "a grateful attitude becomes a grid through which (we) perceive life."
How distorted our perspective can be when we choose to interpret life through the grumbling gird rather than the grateful grid!
Even more grateful...dmc

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Let Go...Take Hold!

How often do you feel like the fiber of life is a bit frayed and fragile?  Well, I believe there is good reason for that overall flimsy, floundering feeling!  Just look at all the significant changes that brew nearly every day on nearly every side...socially, financially, politically, climatically, technically, morally, etc...!  So, how does one ever manage to "feel secure, even in the midst of cataclysmic changes?" (87)
By being more and more aware of Christ's "continual Presence." By learning to "let go," releasing "more and more things into (His) care." (87)
What I especially like about this Truth is also the same Truth that challenges me...
I must let go, so I can take hold! Letting go of what fills my hand so I can fully take hold of His Holy Hand.  Letting go of what fills my head, so I can take hold of what fills His Holy Head.  Letting go of what fills my heart, so I can take hold of what fills His Holy Heart.  To hold on to what is Holy usually means... "change" is about to invade my life...or about to INSPIRE my life!
Taking Hold, Prepared to be Inspired...dmc

Monday, March 23, 2015

God of Abundance

Today's devo speaks of a God of "overflowing abundance" Who showers us with blessings and Who can be trusted with the "intricate details" of our lives. (86)
Although we can usually think of some detail of prayer God has not yet answered or some request He has not fulfilled, if we stopped to list all the blessings He HAS supplied... whether we'd asked for them or not... we would be amazed!
I like how my friend, Carolynn taught her 3 year old grandson about prayer. "God answers prayers like a traffic light…sometimes He gives us a green light for “yes,” sometimes He gives us a red light for “no,” but many, many times He gives us a yellow light for “wait.” She stressed that this doesn’t mean God has not answered our prayers or isn’t going to answer them. A good reminder, at any age, to wait on His perfect timing and to watch the answer unfold!
Today I am reminded of my over-and-above daddy, Kaehl Volesky, always full of life, laughter & reasons to celebrate.  He spent a lifetime generously giving of himself to others in very practical ways, including repairing nearly anything that was broken! Whenever Daddy did something, he did it in an "abundant" sort of way.  Isn't that like our Abundant, Eternal Father... repairing, renewing, restoring, redeeming? May our earthly fathers help us understand our eternal Father's Heart!  My earthly father loved celebrations and today is his earthly birthday.   So, I'm lighting a candle...
In Grateful Celebration... dmc

Sunday, March 22, 2015

T & T Shifting

What is the great "paradigm shift that will revolutionize your life?" (85)
This brings back memories of my first car. A Fairlane Ford 500 with a tricky little gear shift. I worked hard to master shifting gears with my foot on the clutch, then slowly releasing the clutch while engaging the gas pedal. Synchronizing the two were critically important otherwise the car would choke, lunge, sputter and die! It was especially challenging on a cold day when I was on an icy incline! Needless to say...winter days in South Dakota helped me master fast & furious prayers in my Fairlane Ford 500!  However, when I successfully navigated the entire awkward process of shifting without killing the engine, it felt so rewarding!  It revolutionized my driving confidence!
Living a Thankful life while learning how to Trust is much like stepping on the clutch and engaging the gear shifting process, all at once. It takes both, being Thankful and Trusting, to empower and totally revolutionize a life!
Taking on the T & T (Thankful & Trusting) Challenge....

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Salvation's Strength & Song

Today's devo speaks of the "strength and song" that is found in our relationship with God. (84)
The Isaiah 12:2-3 passage goes on to share where we gain our strength and where we find our song. "You will joyfully draw water from the wells of salvation." (Is. 12:2-3)
I am so thankful for the "wells of salvation" in my life...the people, places and opportunities God has placed in my life to refresh and encourage me, giving me more strength and many more songs.
My "wells of salvation" have come in various forms... through an old friend or a chance acquaintance, a new Truth or a well-seasoned Truth applied in a new way, through a caring smile, a kind comment, a random billboard quote, a phone call from a grandchild, a timely text message or even a hilarious email.
At just the right moment, God has given me a "well of salvation." Strength seeps into my soul and a song bubbles up in my heart!
Grateful for His Strength and Song...dmc

Friday, March 20, 2015

Fully Giving Thanks

"Thank Me...This is like priming the pump of a well... regardless of your feelings." (83)
I have experienced this so many times. I make a conscious decision to BE thankful, no matter how my feelings are responding. It usually takes a lot of focused discipline because I am coming against my own inclination to succome to worry, fear, doubt, or whatever is weighing me down. At times, I can actually sense the push-back and I will have to intentionally verbalize my thanksgiving.
Speaking out loud helps, after all, I am hearing my own voice declare my own intentions over my own emotions! In these times, I usually have to verbally "give thanks" before I experience the emotional feelings of being thankful.
However, it really works...soon a deep sense of His Presence "clears the blockage" and gratitude overtakes my attitude... Giving thanks helps me to be full of thanks!
Thankfully His....dmc

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Untangled Thoughts

"Let the Spirit take charge of your mind, combing out tangles of deception." (82)
I especially liked this word-picture because of how I could relate to combing out tangles. It is so amazing how a tangled thought can be set free by combing a new truth of insight into a snagged and snarly situation. For me, it is often that new perspective that acts like a comb of clarity realigning and adjusting my frame of reference. I am SO grateful for how God's Word and Presence makes life much more manageable.
Striving to be Tangle-free...dmc

Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Today's devo warns us to not get "tangled up" in tomorrow's "worry-webs." (81)
Most likely we are all familiar with "worry-webs." But, did you know, brain imaging can capture "worry-webs." They are thorny-like structures that inhibit productive thought processing in the brain.
Ever noticed how difficult it is to concentrate on a task when you are distracted by a "worry-web" that has snagged and entangled your thoughts?
Trust is a great de-snagger allowing us to have an eternal focus; free from the thorny issues that entangle us. The Holy Spirit is our "resident Tutor, helping (us) in this supernatural endeavor."
Striving to be thorn-free, web-free...dmc