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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Ethical Equilibrium

"I am speaking in the depths of your being...but many are too busy to listen. The "work ethic" has them tied up in knots...(and feeling) so distant from Me. Living close to Me requires making Me your First Love - your highest priority." (367)
Having a good work ethic generally means one is dependable, trustworthy, willing to go the extra mile and possesses basic core values that equip us to be a valuable contributor to the cause, effort or task at hand.
However, we've all watched how someone can become so task-oriented that they overlook the value of others and the rich relationships right in front of them.
One of the best ways I've found to maintain ethical balance is to stay solid in my primary relationships...with God, husband & family. When I'm listening to God's directives I tend to do better listening to others and responding out of wisdom...not just from a manipulating "work ethic" or unreasonable flawed expectations that tend to lead to burn-out and out-of-balanced living.
In the months following surgery on both my feet, one of my challenges was to be able to maintain balance while standing on one foot. Everyday I would work the muscles in my feet making the ligaments and tendons reclaim their role in keeping me balanced and sure-footed. A balanced lifestyle takes a similar intentional effort, especially when we don't feel like it, because the benefits of such ethical equilibrium with God, spouse, family, friends &amp are well worth it!  May your purposeful endeavors lead the way to being....
Balanced and Blessed...dmc

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