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Friday, November 25, 2016

Thanksgiving & Moms

"Thank Me frequently... If you are serious about learning to pray continually, the best approach is to thank Me in every situation... a grateful attitude makes it easier for you to communicate with Me... (there's) no time for worrying or complaining... negative thought patterns will gradually grow weaker and weaker." (344)
My mother, Dorothy Volesky, is a great example of someone who tries to see reasons to be thankful. She tends to focus squarely on the most constructive way to approach a situation. Although her day can be a series of challenges, she tends to handle them like one adventure after another.
Her perspective is refreshing, even when she was in the midst of constantly caring for my aging father with his multiple physical struggles, or even now, as she faces the challenges of widowhood. When she steps into the room it's like someone opened a window of sunshine. How does she do this? She and daddy would pray frequently, without hesitation, over any issue, concern or situation. I truly believe that her "grateful attitude makes it easier for (her) to communicate with (Jesus)" even now, as she faces these new challenges in life.
Gratitude brings sunshine into Every Day... not just during theThanksgiving season!
So, today, this Grammy is inspired to be more like Great Grammy...Who makes the best of life and also makes the best Pumpkin Pies & Popcorn Balls!
Thanks to My Mom & all the other Moms who know what it's like to be elbow deep in turkey meat and Thankgiving celebrations!
I'm so thankful for kids, grandkids, grandparents and a host of grand friends...dmc

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