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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Beyond the Parade

"I am with you in all that you do, even in the most menial task...concerned with every detail of your life. Nothing escapes My notice...(so) learn to look steadily at Me in all your moments and all your circumstances. (Have) an uninterrupted awareness of My Presence. Fix your gaze on what is unseen, even as the visible world parades before your eyes." 2 Corinthians 4:18 (358)
Whoa...this is the most empowering way to live... aware of Jesus' steady gaze on "even the most menial" details of my life while I keep a steady gaze on Him even with this world's "parade" of concerns and distractions!
Eyes and ears, heart and mind tuned into Jesus... helps me capture a perspective that supersedes this broken, fallen world's "parade" that endlessly marches on and on around me!
Like you, I have many distractions, demands and disappointments parading around me and I have to intentionally look past the "visible parade" to regroup and renew myself by refocusing on Him.
Praising Him while the Band Marches On...dmc

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