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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Pebbles of Adversity

In your private thoughts, you are still trying to order your world so that it is predictable and feels safe...this is impossible (and) counterproductive to spiritual growth....(because) trouble can highlight your awareness of My Presence." (361)
This brings to mind the story of beach pebbles...why some are so polished and beautiful, while others can be quite rough and dull in color. It all depends upon the circumstances of their journey. If the shoreline of the beach forms a "pocket" that traps and frames the bedrock, then the stones will continually tumble and toss until they are naturally smooth and polished by the salty repetitive waves. The most beautiful ones have been battered and bathed the most. Geologists who study stones can determine a lot of history by the shape, size, surface and color of the stones.
We are much the same. The waves of adversity can highlight how God's Presence has polished and refined us until we are like the cherished pebbles discovered on beaches and taken home as beautiful treasures and tangible gems of inspirations.
In the throes of adversity, I've seen human "gems" reflect "the radiance of (His) Face." In the midst of crashing salty waves and salty tearful tides, feeling tossed and trapped, they stop and consider, then reconsider God, tearfully bathing in His Presence. No wonder they "consider it all joy" because they have been repetitively...
Tumbling with Jesus...dmc


  1. I love your beach pebble analogy, Dawn. This year with my many struggles I have seen God's hand at work in many awesome ways. Without the trials, I would not have experienced Him and known of His continual Presence in my life . . . He has made Himself quite visible! What a joy! I don't have to "put on my happy face" and pretend all is OK with me; I can have a positive attitude because of what God is teaching me through the difficult times. Hardships = times of learning. Thank you God for Your continual Presence, guidance, protection and victories through my many "learning opportunities".

  2. Amen, Carolynn...and you continue to be a reflection of God's handiwork in the midst of challenging waves!