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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Decisively Different

"Do not be weighed down by the clutter in your life: lots of chores to do sometime, in no particular order. If you focus too much on these petty tasks...you will discover that they are endless." (370)
I am especially good at over estimating what needs to be done and under estimating how long it will take to get it all done. This tendency can leave me frustrated with the many things that must be left undone at the close of the day.
During the holidays there are so many additional activities that the days can be overfilled with "To Do" lists that push out the most important absolutes of life. Forgetting that my "ultimate goal is living close to (and) responsive to" Jesus can leave me feeling empty in the midst of all the clutter.
This year things are decisively different... I'm recovering from a second foot surgery which keeps me from my usual busy bustling around and endless activities. In anticipation of this unusual addition to our holidays, we decisively revamped and modified our pace and the usual flurry of activities and decorating.
So far, we think pacing well lends to a much healthier, happier....maybe even holier holiday! Why? Because we are more focused on the important things and less distracted by details that tend to absorb a lot of time, energy and resources.
Enjoying each other & Jesus much more...dmc

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