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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Waiting for Merry CHRISTmas

"As you wait attentively in My Presence..." (376)
We spend so much time running here and there, in and out of stores, bustling around in a flurry of preparation for Christmas. With all the hustle we are also forced to wait and wait in long checkout lines, traffic stops and in not-so-fast restaurant drive up windows. We wait for packages to be delivered. We wait for Christmas TV specials to air and we wait for loved ones to safely arrive home. Lots of running, lots of waiting, lots of commotion and chaos.
Take a few minutes and get in the line for Jesus...
Watch this - http://www.godtube.com/watch/?v=9MB1EFNU
Because I'm not able to be out-and-about during this Christmas Season (recovering from foot surgery) I've been experiencing a much different Christmas. Much more quiet, more reflective...Waiting for Jesus...
Have a Blessed Merry CHRISTmas...dmc


  1. Dawn, I love this song and the story behind it. It was posted on facebook a couple weeks ago--the story--then later the song. It puts the focus where it belongs--on Jesus!
    Praying that you will soon be "up and about" knowing that it's hard to keep you down! Maybe God thought you needed some rest (that's what we used to tell my Mom when she was forced to slow down.) Merry Christmas! Happy Birthday Jesus.

  2. Thank You and many blessing back to you! My foot is trying to keep up with me...and I'm trying to keep it UP!
    Have a wonderful Christmas Day!