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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Planted in Praise

"It is impossible to praise Me or thank Me too much... I inhabit the praises of My people... (whether it is) a spontaneous overflow of Joy (or a) disciplined measured act of your will. (It's) the royal road to draw near Me...(even) when adversity strikes... thank Me anyway." (8)
It's much easier to be thankful when life is filled with rich blessings, but it's a whole different thing to be thankful when life is overflowing with adversity or pain. Whether it is an "overflow of joy" or a decisive "disciplined measured act of your will" in adversity, God's presence seems to rest on grateful people. I like the way Isaiah says that "all who see them will recognize that they are a people the Lord has blessed." Why? Because thankful hearts are like "gardens enabling what is sown to spring up." (Is. 61:9&11)
When we lived up north, I was always amazed, in early spring, when tulips would brilliantly burst through the earth's snowy blanket! I've experienced times, when I felt emotionally frozen in icy cold situations, where just quietly praising Jesus or speaking His Name inside my heart would change the whole climate of my soul. It was like refreshing tulips bursting through mounds of snow in wintry circumstances! So, I will keep planting and praising...
Until Tulips Appear...dmc


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    Give Thanks

    Praise the Lord

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  3. Wow, Melissa...that was like a mini concert! Thanks for helping us spring UP in praise today.