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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Transformed Face to Face

"Seek My Face, and you will find more than you ever dreamed possible... My Nature is to bless. Your nature is to receive with thanksgiving. This is a true fit... Glorify Me by receiving My blessings gratefully...(expand) your focus to include Me in all your moments. Let nothing dampen your search for Me." (20)
Have you ever scanned a crowd, looking for that one familiar face? It may be your husband's, child's or a dear friend's face...but the search continues until you have located that special face. I clearly recall being in a crowded, tense hospital room, searching for my husband's face, trying to catch his eye to "read" his response, seeking some reassurance, some comfort and consolation.
It's amazing to me what happens when my eyes land on my grand-children's faces. It's like a cheerleader bursts into action inside my heart. What a joy to catch their eye! Even when I'm looking at a picture, their perky little faces can make my heart leap with joy!
We usually know those subtle changes in our mate's face, or in our child's facial expression that communicate volumes, without a word ever being spoken. Similarly, when we seek God's face, we are searching for subtle prompts that will help us to accurately "read" the situation from His perspective.
To be "up close and personal" with Him is to be "face to face" with our incredible Creator! What a privilege...to sense God inviting us to "Seek (His) face!" (Ps. 27:8)
I once heard that "The highest desire of the human heart is to seek His face."
I know that to be true in the awesome, in the awful, in the playful and in the painful.
Transformed & Ever Seeking His Face...dmc


  1. Thanks for sharing that song! The more I listen to it, the more I like it. Very uplifting! The guitar is awesome, but the words definitely bring you into the presence of God.

  2. Yes...a very talented musician. The song carries a special anointing. It seems to sing-itself for hours after I've listened to it keeping me tucked into the Presence of God!