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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Soaking at His Feet

"Relax in My healing Presence...Let the Light of My Presence soak into you, as you focus your thoughts on Me... This sacrifice of time pleases Me and strengthens you. Do not skimp on our time together." (3)
Resisting the "rat race" of life long enough to be refreshed and renewed in His presence...is a discipline of time and a discipline of focus. I have discovered my greater challenge is to discipline my racing thoughts to "relax in His presence." I like the concept of letting the Light of His Presence "soak into" every thought! The power of His "Healing Presence" can radically override my anxious thoughts!
When I was in the midst of physical therapy following foot surgery. Several parts of therapy were not real pleasant... plunging my foot into icy cold water, then into nearly hot water... back and forth. Also, slowly pushing my toes forward, then backward, to increase the range of motion. Not pleasant, but profitable! How did I know? Because this therapy had worked well for thousands of other patients. Also, the doctor, who was highly skilled and experienced, was confident and encouraged me to keep plunging, soaking and stretching. So, I continued plunging, soaking and stretching... and it definitely proved to be the wiser, "better" way!
Lord, help me to make the "better choice" to plunge, soak and stretch my soul in You every day.
Hanging Out at His Feet...dmc


  1. Dawn, From my own experience, I would much rather soak in Jesus, then soak my foot in ice water than hot water (hated that and the physical therapy that went with it--including the big toe exercises). You've made it through the first foot and He will see you through the other one...gives an all new meaning to "foot washing" doesn't it?
    Blessings your way!

  2. Help me to focus my thoughts on you, Lord. This quiet time, with only the sound of the clock ticking, is wonderful music to my ears. I can relax in this quietness and seek your face. Keep me from being distracted from life during this quiet time with you. In your Son's precious name, Amen...

  3. Mikaela, you are right about the "foot washing!!" Smile!
    Amen, Micki...I SO enjoy your prayerful responses!
    They resonate in my heart, too.