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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Lens for Life

"Try to view each day as an adventure, carefully planned out by your Guide...be attentive to Me... Thank Me for this day of life, recognizing that it is a precious, unrepeatable gift... I am with you each moment, whether you sense My Presence or not...the safest place to be is by My side." (14)
It is interesting to me that His Presence will distinguish us from others (see yesterday's blog), yet we may not always sense His Presence! Today's devo challenges us to trust that He is with us each moment, whether we sense His Presence or not. Then, the next sentence nails the critical difference, in my life... "A thankful, trusting attitude helps you to see events in your life from My perspective."
Seeing life from His Perspective...that's the Lens for Life I most desire. It refocuses life and clears the fog. "A thankful, trusting attitude!" It's easy for me to remember to be thankful for the big blessings and to trust Him with all the little things. However, it's another thing to be thankful even for the littlest things and to be trusting even in the biggest things. Thankful for the most insignificant and trusting in the most significant. To be full of thanks and full of trust - that's a full and rewarding life - the "abundant life" - the life Jesus died for us to live!
Refocused & Renewed....dmc

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