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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Discern the Shepherd's Voice

Today we are combining the March 3 devo with the Feb 29 devo. They are both so good and so complimentary of each other. (This is not leap year, but we want to include it anyway...today is a good choice.)
What struck me in each of these devotionals was the importance of discerning who's voice we are listening to...others, God's, my own doubts or some other compelling expectation. Wherever is comes from, if it is not God's voice, it will fragment and frustrate my life.
However, learning to selectively tune into God's voice may mean others will not understand or appreciate the unique journey God has called me to. What a comfort to know that God has set each of us apart for the carefully crafted journey He desires for us and that He will be our constant companion all along the way.
Years ago we watched a shepherd call his sheep and it was absolutely true... they KNEW his voice! Without hesitation, the sheep responded and readily obeyed their shepherd. All the little lambs were safely huddled in amongst the moving flock. What a lesson...as we follow Him, our "lambs" will safely make the journey, too. I want to carefully...
Follow the Shepherd & Lead the Lambs....dmc


  1. Whenever I don't understand or am jealous of what it seems Jesus has someone else doing, I need to remember John 21:22 when Jesus said to Peter, "If I want him (John)to remain alive until I return, what is that to you? You must follow me!" Jesus explains to us that we truly all follow the same "drummer" but we don't all play the same song. But when we know the Shepherd's voice and follow it, we will go where He leads us, whether it is beside the still waters (Psalm 23)or through the deep crevices on our way to the mountaintop! Wondering how I ever walked without my Shepherd leading me!

  2. Thanks for the great input! What a great verse to keep us focused & faithful!