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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Salvation's Strength & Song

Today's devo speaks of the "strength and song" that is found in our relationship with God. (84) The Isaiah 12 passage goes on to share where we gain strength and find our song. "You will joyfully draw water from the wells of salvation." (Is. 12:2-3)
I am so thankful for the "wells of salvation" in my life...the people, places and opportunities God has placed in my life to refresh and encourage me, giving me more strength and many songs. My "wells of salvation" have come in various forms... through an old friend or a chance acquaintance, a new Truth or an old Truth applied in a new way, through a caring smile or kind comment, a random billboard quote, a phone call from a grandchild, a timely text message or even a hilarious email. At just the right moment, God has given me a "well of salvation." Strength seeps into my soul and a song bubbles up in my heart!
Grateful for His Strength and Song...dmc

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