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Monday, March 1, 2010

Well Developed Trust

Difficulties can elicit all kinds of responses in us....anywhere from being mildly annoyed to intensely angry. Learning how to use difficulties in a constructive way changes the whole environment around us and in us! Since "well developed trust" comes "wrapped in difficulties," we would be incredibly wise to learn how to successfully deal with difficulties. (64)
I have found it especially insightful to glean wisdom from others who are familiar with difficulties. For example: watching our parents age graciously in the midst of the many challenges that come with loss and aging, has been quite impacting. Walking arm in arm with others who are spiritually resilient, even when gripped with heartache, speaks distinctly and deeply to my soul. These trusting souls give me reason to pause and reflect on how I can incorporate that kind of heroic trust into the fabric of my own life.
Several things I have learned: Don't become oppositional; rather, become optimistic. I do much better when I recognize how this can be used beneficially and praise God for the opportunity to fine tune a "well developed trust." Another lesson I've learned, is how the power of praise will exponentially increase the 'opportunity index' of my mind...using difficulties as valuable triggers to index potential opportunities. Then, what a joy to share that 'opportunity index' with our kids so they can maximize their own potential...
For God's Glory...dmc


  1. Wow God is so amazing! The last week has been like He is almost talking to me audibly. Everything in the devo book has fit like a glove this week, but what is more amazing is that it all has been connected with other areas of my life as well! School, work, bible study and the weekly devotions have all played a role in this lesson that God has put before me. I have had many things making me anxious lately, so I can say that I have been in prayer constantly. I have to stop and think about what to say quite often and how I am going to say it, otherwise I will say something I shouldn't. It can be so easy for the anxiety to affect my mood or behavior; however God’s peace has been with me. Every now and then the anxiety comes back, but giving Him praise makes it “all better”.

    Philippians 2:14: In everything you do, stay away from arguing and complaining.

    2 Corinthians 16:14: Whatever you do, do it in kindness and in love

  2. I am so grateful that you are sensing how powerful and applicable these devotionals are! Thanks to Jan Boomer for introducing me to JESUS CALLING several years ago. It deeply stirs my soul and inspires new growth in me, too!