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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Awed by Affirmation

From today's devo..."The only source of real affirmation is My unconditional love." (p. 61)
I looked it up in an online dictionary...Affirmation means "to strengthen, to endorse, to assert as true, to declare support for. It strengthens a relationship between the speaker and the one being affirmed."
When we seek affirmation from our a loving Savior, we are expressing confidence in Him and in His ability to redeem and totally recalibrate our lives.
The irony is that when we seek Him and His affirmation, we are also affirming Him and experiencing the power of that affirmation in ourselves at the same time.
I've discovered how affirmation works in the expression of praise. When I praise Him, I affirm Him. As I praise Him, I experience the power of affirmation in my own life...in the process I discover I have been affirmed. Affirmation is a gift I receive AS I express affirming praise to my Savior.
Affirming Him, Affirmed by Him...dmc


  1. "STOP JUDGING AND EVALUATING YOURSELF, for this is not your role." God can't speak any clearer to me! I know for years I have done this and compared myself to others. I know a big part of this is because I never really felt unconditional acceptance from my earthly father, so I looked for affirmation from others and myself. I now have confirmation that all that matters is affirmation from my Heavenly Father and I get this every time I praise Him. I also know when He disciplines me; He loves me and is helping me to grow to be more like Him.
    Praise God from whom all blessings flow! :)

  2. The words to a song we sang during our weekend service really spoke to me -- The words seem to sum up February's daily reading from "Jesus Calling."
    "I Seek Your Face"
    A place where Your glory
    Surrounds me
    And I become brand new
    A place where Your presence
    Brings reverence
    I desire to be with You

    When I'm with You
    I am complete
    My world stops turning
    When You're holding me
    Lord my desire
    Is to be in Your presence
    So I'm running to You
    For another touch of Heaven

  3. Thanks for sharing good insights and the song. Yes, we need "another touch of Heaven!" Amen