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Friday, February 5, 2010

Monitoring Mind-set

"A mind controlled by the Spirit is Life and Peace!" Rom.8:6
Good News! We get to choose our mind-set; the direction our mind goes. A mind that wanders or that is out-of-control will often lead to worrisome thoughts or wayward thoughts.
I often snag my thoughts to monitor if they are producing "Life and Peace." If I don't snag those thoughts, they will snag me.
"The only thing we can grasp without damaging our soul is His hand." (38)
Double checking my thoughts today...dmc


  1. While reading today's devotion, I was reminded of my son and daughter-in-law and something they do with our grandson, who is 2 1/2 years old. When he does something wrong and even when he does something right, they sometimes ask, "Did you make a good choice or a bad choice?" He has gotten to where he talks about making good choices on his own. It is so cute, but so profound also. Lord, help me to make good choices today!!!

  2. Wow, Kay...that is a GREAT idea! I can just see that perky little guy making "good choices!"
    Thumbs Up, High Five...
    Let's share a "good choice" day...dmc

  3. As I was driving to work this morning I was thinking about how I felt like I had my life in my arms and everything keeps slipping and dropping. The tighter I hold on the more it slips! As I prayed God made me realize I needed to just let it all go and fall into the arms of Jesus. When he is done holding me, I know he will help me pick up the pieces, one by one and put it together again.