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Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Great Escape

Today's devo speaks of "waves of adversity" and "worrying about tomorrow." (60) As a believer, our response is to "live within the boundaries of today" keeping our focus on His Presence in our present circumstances. Why? Because life's challenges have a way of tempting us "to give up!"
I like using I Cor. 10:13 with I Cor. 10:31 (reversing the last two numbers lands me on the great "escape" we are looking for!) Check it out!
Next time you are tempted to give up or to give in to the temptation (vs. 13) and you need "a way of escape," go to vs. 31 and decide that "whatever you do (you will do) everything for God's glory" and the "way of escape" will suddenly present itself!
God's Glory is our "way of escape!" Try it! It works!
Ah, yes, I am challenging myself to live in the great escape...
For God's Glory...dmc

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