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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Peace that Overcomes Darkness

"On darker days, My Peace stands out in sharp contrast to your circumstances."(44) We can be impacted by our circumstances or by our Savior.
At this point in my parents' lives they are in God's "shaft of golden light." With physical challenges and pain, they continue to be an inspiration of divine collaboration. Mother has said, "we may have pain, but we don't have to BE a pain!" They take great interest in the friends, family and home health care professionals that come to attend to their special needs. They don't miss an opportunity to bless and encourage others. They inspire me!
Although their bodies may grow weary...they "do not grow weary or lose heart." Heb. 12:3
I am so thankful for their example of inspirational peace!
Inspired & Grateful...dmc


  1. I get so discouraged sometimes because in my 56 years of life, I still allow the dark times to overpower me! My prayer is that those around me will see the Light of Jesus during the dark times.I do not want to be a pain to others either!

  2. Your parents are such wonderful people. I have really enjoyed listening to them during Sunday School. Your mother always has a very insightful thought to go along with the lesson. Your father is so funny, he will start talking and tell his wonderful stories, then your mother starts patting his leg to let him know it is time to quit talking.

    They have been an encouragement to me many times.


  3. I've never had the privilege of meeting them, but just reading what you wrote inspires me! I pray we may all have that kind of affect on others in our times of darkness. What a witness!

  4. Thank you for your warm comments about my folks. They have layers of life that testify to their dedication to God's purposes! What a heritage!

  5. Kay, I have similar struggles with the dark times and I'm quite a few years ahead of you! As I have read and meditated on the scriptures cited with the "Jesus calling" devotions, I am encouraged to know that even David struggled. In Psalm 13:5 he says: I trust your love and I feel like celebrating... (Feb 4). Then in Psalm 42:11 he cries out: Why am I discouraged?...(Feb 7). From celebration to discouragement--this is just one example of his contrasting feelings.
    Note: I am using the Contemporary English Version (CEV) in my quiet times this year.