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Friday, February 26, 2010

Flimsy Future

"Hidden things belong to the Lord our God." Deut. 29:29 There have been many times I've had to stop mentally wrestling with something that was clearly "hidden" from me. To truly release a "hidden thing" is not an easy task. I usually have to intentionally hand it over to Him, or I will write it out and tuck it away in my God Box, the place where unanswered prayers and confusing issues go. Then, I must repeat the process, until my heart is no longer troubled.
That would definitely include a "flimsy future!" No matter how uncertain things may seem we are commanded to "not worry." "Worry is an act of rebellion; doubting (God's) promises to care for (us.)" (59) The real challenge is to develop more confidence in what God says over what all others are saying, even over my own flawed feelings and imperfect reasoning.
Ps. 32:10 says that "the one who trusts in the Lord will have faithful love surrounding him."
Placing my "flimsy future" into God's faithful love...dmc


  1. I was captivated by the statement "Secret things belong to the Lord." How often are we drawn into snooping about and wanting to know about something we are not meant to know--ever, or at the time we are snooping! I think of the child nosing around for birthday or Christmas presents and upon finding them and peeking, what then? Can he play with them, tell anyone about them? No, not then at least. He has spoiled his own surprise and all because those things still belonged to the one who was planning to give them and it was not yet time to know about them. Just like the things of the future are still things that are God's.

    I wonder how often God muses to Himself and shakes his holy head when He observes us toiling away with worry or snooping or getting into business that does not belong to us. All the while thinking, "Child, how much more enjoyable and peaceful your life would be to simply trust and wait for me to give this to you, and how GRAND you would feel when in My timing I reveal what I want you to know or have because this is the optimum time for you to receive it.

    Oh, to take the advice to relax and take pleasure in the journey in His Presence, trusting Him to open up the way before us as we go.

  2. Good thoughts...I have grandkids who just LOVE to sneak a peak...checking out surprises! Yes...We are a lot like them!!:)