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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ample Time to Align

To think that God is "able to bend time and events in our favor" is phenomenal! (43)
I have experienced that on many occasions. What looked absolutely impossible was accomplished! There have been times I've even asked God to commission angels or prompt the Holy Spirit to come to my aid when the situation was so beyond my wisdom and ability. How He chose to intervene, I'm not absolutely sure of, but supernatural strength, protection and provision was granted! I was SO thankful!
I love the fact that His eye is continually on me! He knows exactly what is and isn't important in my day. I sometimes have to remind myself that even cancellations and delays are a part of God's gracious gifts of intervention.
Letting Him Realign my Day...dmc

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  1. Yes, I am so glad that His eye is continually on me. There have been many times that He has guided and/or protected me before I even knew to ask--in addition to the times that I cried out for help! What a wonderful thought!