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Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Faith-Friendly Fog

Years ago a seasoned pastor's wife shared with me the secret to her gentle, God-confident demeanor in the midst of painful circumstances and stressful challenges. She described her walk with Jesus as a "faith-friendly fog." While I did not understand it at first, I now deeply appreciate the "faith-friendly fog."
I've discovered it protects us from seeing too far ahead into the future and from looking too far back into the past. Thus, we are kept from unnecessary fear and needless shame. Fear that comes when we anticipate an uncertain future and shame that comes when we rehearse a unpleasant past. So, we do not have to "wear ourselves out with analyzing and planning." (37) Like a pilot trusting his instruments while flying through a fog, we can trust God's instructions while we are flying through our foggy times.
Trusting God in the Fog...dmc


  1. Unfortunately to may of us are planners and we don't always appreciate the fog that hides the future. Sometimes not knowing can make a person go mad. As for the fog that covers the past through we forget the shadows will still haunt us at times. Oh Jesus help us to truly focus on today and enjoy every moment of it for today will never happen again. Then once today is gone there is no going back to change it.

  2. The one thing that came to my mind (and I don't know why) after reading today's scripture was something I've seen several times on a marquee.

    No God, no peace
    Know God, know peace

    If we trust in his unfailing love, He will guide us, protect us and mold us!

  3. Thanks...good thoughts! Our focus on Him and His peace on us! I love it...dmc