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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Fluid & Flexing

Today's devo about how we resist, even fear, change brings interesting thoughts to mind.
We tend to build "idols out of routine" and security in sameness. We like the comfort of the predictable. Being open to change (open to a "New Thing," from Sunday's message) takes intentional effort on our part. We must decide to "embrace all that God is doing in our lives, finding security in Him alone." (50) Just as soon as our security keeps us from moving forward in Him, He will stir up our nest and ruffle our feathers.
I like the picture of "new things continually on the horizon." It reminds me of watching the ever changing seascape of the ocean waves. The words of an old hymn by Samuel Francis wash over my soul during those times. "O the deep, deep love of Jesus, Vast unmeasured, boundless, free! Rolling as a mighty ocean, In its fullness over me..."
Just like one cannot "force fit" one wave into another, so we cannot "force fit today into yesterday's mold." It's all too fluid and flexing.
Rolling Onward...dmc


  1. I immediately thought of Sunday's sermon also about "God is doing a new thing". I always remember a sermon Pastor Joe preached many years ago where he talked about how we change our approach sometimes to win the lost. We have a tackle box and use different bait. But, our source and our message never change, just the way we present it sometimes. Change can be good!

  2. I love that song Dawn! Selah has an awesome version of it! It refuels my “God fire” every time I hear it.

    This devo brings back some sad memories. Sad because there are people of God we love, unopen to change. To this day they have been unable to keep younger families in this church because they are comfortable with the music they have and resist any kind of change to continue some of the newer worship songs. It’s too loud or too fast or too…... Don’t get me wrong, I love the old hymns and a great choir! I also have seen without change there is no growth. “It is easy to make an idol of routine, finding security within the boundaries you build around your life” and “When you cling to old ways and sameness, you resist My work within you.” I encourage all to take that leap of faith, you won’t regret it!

  3. As I read today’s devo it brought back memories of the years that I spent with an emotional shell around me to escape life. With each new hurt and resulting pain I continued to fortify my shell and withdrew further inside. As God began to crack it and coax me to come out, I wanted to cling to it (“cling to the old ways”) and “resist His work within me.” It was safe inside. I found “security within the boundaries (my shell) I built around my life.” Thankfully God did not give up on me and “opened my eyes”.

    Yes, changing is frightening. But God walked along side me and continues to do so, to take care of any needs that I have on my journey (14 Feb devo). Today, I embrace the “new things continually on the horizon” while enjoying my “vibrant and challenging” relationship with Him.

    Thank you God for your continued Presence and for Celebrate Recovery, a safe place to heal from my life’s hurts.

  4. Awesome sharing...God is doing neat NEW things in all our hearts! I love it!