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Friday, February 19, 2010

Sure in Not-So-Sure Times

The Habakkuk 3:17-19 passage in today's devo is one of my favorites. It's so realistic to life, especially when things are tough...and yet, we can override our doubts and choose to go ahead and praise Him, no matter what!
I like the reference to the many things that are NOT so sure, yet in the end, He can make one thing sure..."my feet like those of a surefooted deer enabled to walk on mountain heights."
Having the ability to be surefooted in not-so-sure times! That's the secret to making it to the "mountain heights!" Some never reach the "heights" because their habitual inclination to not-so-sure ways keeps them in the lowlands. I ask God, daily, to keep me "surefooted" in Him.
Surely His & Striving for the Heights...dmc


  1. “My feet like those of a surefooted deer enabled to walk on mountain heights.” Wow that brings back wonderful memories! I grew up in Colorado and a cousin from New York came to visit. My dad planned a mountain climb so he could experience the Colorado Rockies. When we made it to the top, we were face to face with a mountain goat. Well the only way for this goat to get away from us was to run across a cliff that could only be climbed with repelling gear. Do you think that stopped him? It was amazing to see him do this without any hesitation; no fear of the treacherous path ahead of him! As we watched him, you could see the goat’s feet and how they fit perfectly on each small rock to get him out of what he thought was harms way. Thinking of this reminds me that God’s plan is perfect for me even on those treacherous paths. I don’t want to be without Him.

  2. What an awesome illustration of a surefooted deer!
    Thanks for sharing, Melissa!