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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Eyes of Grace

To be "viewed through eyes of grace." (80) To be fully known, fully loved and fully forgiven! What a blessed way to live!
My prayer is that I will be another set of His "eyes of grace" in this world! No wonder "forgiveness is at the very core of (His) abiding presence!"
What a challenge...what a privilege...dmc


  1. I love the Joshua scripture: "I will never leave you or forsake you". What comfort! I don't have to worry that Jesus will turn His back on me. In this world, when even people you think would never do that, it's so good to know that our heavenly Father will not leave us!

  2. As graduation approaches, I cringe at the thought of one family member coming out for the celebration. He has never understood me and I am continually challenged in how to show him love. I know I must “simply draw closer” to God and set “me” aside in order to be “a reservoir of love, overflowing” into his life.

    Psalm 139:1-4 God knows my thoughts and my words before I speak them. I pray God’s words will be spoken not mine.

    1 Corinthians 1:21-22 I pray God’s wisdom will be revealed and the world’s wisdom will fade.

    Joshua 1:5 I know God will be with me through it all!

    Lord, take this cup and fill it up to overflowing. May I view it all with your eyes of grace!

  3. We will be praying for you, Melissa! What a challenge!
    Thanks, Kay, for sharing...good verse & thoughts!