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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

An Ermine Anniversary

Today is our Wedding Anniversary! We married in 1975... doesn't that sound like a loooong time together!? Hollywood celebrates famous couples who can make it a full year together! Many go their separate ways within the first few years; very few experience a full decade together!
That's not us! We're not famous, far from Hollywood, but we feel abundantly blessed, loved "with an everlasting love... lifted out of the sea of despair... wrapped in an ermine robe....of righteousness." (173)
As Christians, even more so as Christian couples, we can learn alot from the ermine. Did you know an ermine is a small animal with an impressive coat of fur? In warmer weather it is a rich red-brown. In areas where the ermine experiences an inch or more of snow for at least forty days of the year, the color of it's fur will change to a luxurious white. However, the tip of it's tail always remains a conspicuous black. The winter-white fur is highly prized, and has been used historically in the robes of famous royalty. It has also become a symbol of purity. What captures my interest is that the ermine's regal white "robe of righteousness" is only revealed in winter!
As Christians, when we are in a spiritually cold, wintry season of the soul, we need to allow God to 'pursue us, embrace us, sing a Love Song to us and wrap us in His ermine robe of righteousness.' I like my friend, Renee's insight that God will often use US to be His royal robe wrapped around others who are in their own wintry season. After all He calls us "a chosen race, a royal priesthood." (I Peter 2:9) How amazing is that? What a great way to wrap up and secure a relationship for the many seasons of married life!!
Interestingly, an ermine is often confused with a weasel, until the winter season arrives and the royal difference is strikingly obvious. Praise God for couples who have discovered & live out the royal difference! (I'm sure glad I didn't marry a weasel! And I don't want to BE one either!)
Putting on my Regal Robe, Singing His Songs of Love...dmc
Caution: Watch out for "the Weasel!" (He pops in... around the mulberry bush? Wink!)
Also, Happy Birthday to my sweet mother, Dorothy Volesky, who daily dons her robe, inspiring us!


  1. Happy Anniversary!!!
    I love Renee's analogy of God using us to be His robe for others. Lifting them up when they are down is one way we can share God's love with others. Just as Pastor Joe talked about on Sunday, we need people that will pull us up not down.
    This devotion brought one of my favorite older songs to mind. Copy and paste
    His robe brings peace and joy!


  2. Thanks, Melissa...I love that song! What a beautiful inspiration!