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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Restored in Challenging Times

"Welcome challenging times as opportunities to trust...(although) dotted with difficulties... (and) certain to riddle you with anxiety... Let your thoughts and spoken words be richly flavored with trust and thankfulness...as you stay close to Me."(163)
The usual response to a high level challenge is low level confidence. This sets the stage for anxiety and failure. Often other lives are at stake and our response to "challenging times" can have a devastating ripple-effect!
The good news is, when we head into the challenge, we can also experience peace, "regardless of the day's problems."
In the past few years there's been a cry for leaders who are innovative, perceptive and sagacious enough to build momentum in the midst of decline and recession. We need leaders, and we need to BE leaders, who can prayerfully lead the way through these "demanding days." 
Jesus tells us to "grip (His) hand tightly and stay in close communication... Regardless of the day's problems, (He) will keep us in perfect Peace!" That's quite a promise!
We've got a Good Leader with a Good Plan for Challenging Times!
Restoring My Confidence...dmc

Happy Anniversary to Charles & Amber (my son & his beautiful wife).
What a huge blessing you are to your family, to so many others, and especially to us! God bless you with many more years of love & laughter!


  1. I've been thinking lately how we as Christians are too focused on a desire for fewer problems, and our reaction to problems or dangers of the world's influence is to run, separate ourselves from it. We are called to be set apart, yes, but Jesus said, "In this world you WILL have trouble," not MAY have trouble. We shouldn't think it strange when trouble comes, or react in fear or despair, but "take heart! For [He] has overcome the world!" We can always have confidence that He is big enough for any of our problems or any threats that creep in from the Godless world we live in. He has overcome!!

  2. He IS big enough Leslie...thank you for sharing your excellent thoughts. I am thankful that He lives inside me through His Spirit, guiding me constantly, as well as walking alongside me. His Presence and our close communication is the only way to have true, lasting Peace in this Godless world...one day at a time and sometimes just moment by moment. "Christ gives me the strength to face anything." (Phil 4:13)

    walking hand in hand with Him...carolynn (I'm showing up as anonymous again---is there a msg here? :)

  3. After 5 attempts to post the above (1st four showing "anonymous said:" and me expressing my frustration #@*&!, the 5th attempt finally went through. Thank you Jesus and please forgive my impatience and outburst! cgr

  4. Yes, Yes, Yes...great insight, Leslie!
    Sorry for the frustration in posting, Carolynn. I'm glad you persevered...and I LOVE your humor in-spite of it all!!