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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Ordinary Olive Trees

"A trusting response includes Me in your thoughts as you consider strategies to deal with a situation. Gently bring your attention back to Me, whenever it wanders away. I look for persistence- rather than perfection- in your walk with Me." (182)
As I reflect, there are some 'ordinary heroes of faith' that have inspired me. It's not been the ones who've lived perfectly but those who have lived persistently.  They maintain a determined mindset and lifestyle of faithfulness. Their love for God, His Word, and the family of God are inspirational examples of positive persistence, strategically making God the priority of their lives. While others may be like spiritual super-novas that burst on the scene initially then quickly fade away in the daily disciplines of spiritual maturity. I want to be more like the ones who are "like a flourishing olive tree in the house of God... in the presence of (His) faithful people..." Ps. 51:8-9
Each 'ordinary hero' is needed in our midst. God uses the presence of ordinary individuals to inspire many others, often without them even knowing it! So, "Thank You" to all the 'ordinary olive trees' whose positive persistence deeply inspire me!
These "olive trees" tend to not "neglect meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but encourage each other... (so as not to) grow weary and lose heart... maintaining a clear conscience... conducting themselves honorably." (Heb. 10:25, 12:3, 13:18)
While being perfect seems impossible, being persistent can be inspirational. I want to be positively persistent not perfectly pathetic!  It all springs out of a properly balanced, God-glorifying, healthy thought life!
Striving to be positively persistent....dmc

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  1. Dear Dawn-Marie,

    This is my first time visit to your blog. I was doing a search for the book by Sarah Young and your blog came up in the search list.

    I am so excited to find you! I've so been blessed by Sarah's books and I'm pleased to find a fellow reader of her beautiful and God-touched books.

    I look forward to reading your own posts as they've been inspired by your readings of her book.

    I'm going to be sharing your link on my posting which will go up in a few minutes.

    I wish you peace and joy... and may you catch glimpses of heaven in unexpected places.