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Monday, May 24, 2010

Gardens or Graveyards

"Bring Me your mind for rest and renewal. Let Me infuse My Presence into your thoughts...giving you glimpses of heaven while your still reside on earth...I want you to walk with Me in the garden of your heart..." (151)
The way our minds build neuro-networks of thought looks similar to branches on trees. We can literally grown a "garden" of fruit producing 'trees' with the patterns of thought we allow to develop in our minds. However, toxic, negative thoughts neuro-chemically burn the branches, eventually leaving holes in the brain where life-giving thoughts once were! The death of a life-giving mind, overcome with oppressive thoughts, is such a tragedy!
Jesus invites us "to walk with (Him) in the garden of our hearts, where (He wants to) take up permanent residence."
Growing a Garden, not Digging a Graveyard...dmc


  1. Thankfully those "toxic, negative thoughts" can be defeated! Each day as I walk in the "garden" with God, I give those unproductive thoughts to God and turn my focus on praise to Him. I find the more I do this the more I overcome my oppression of negative thoughts. Of course there are still difficult days, but I have come to accept that retraining my thought process will take time.

    As He walks with me
    and He talks with me
    and He tells me I am His own
    And the joy we share as we tarry there
    None other has ever known :)

  2. You are SO right...retraining our thought life takes time, but with His help we can experience the benefits of a beautiful, God-glorifying frame of mind! That's my goal, too!