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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Plug the Drain

The "drainout" condition means "needy people have drained" out nearly every ounce of life we have to offer. Most of us can identify with that! (139)
Joe and I have to walk a careful line, discerning our ability to pace the amount of life we take in and give out daily. One of our strategies is to be sure that when we are together we are investing life INTO each other. We cannot be draining one another and expect to have anything left to give others. We monitor our conversations, entertainment, environments rather closely to protect each other from wasting energy and life on worthless discussions and mindsets. Life can get mighty scrappy and we don't need to scrap with each other! It's a great comfort to look forward to being energized with life when we are together. Praying every night as we drift off to sleep is especially healing for us...it plugs the drain!
Protecting what works...dmc


  1. The sentence that really stood out to me was the first one, "Learn to relate to others through My Love rather than yours." I tend to relate to everything around me and even God through my eyes and experiences, instead of God's Word. I'm continually working on being better about letting God's Love reach out to those around me.By doing that, and not in my own power, should help with burnout or drainout.

  2. That's a good word, Kay. Operating out of HIS Love seems to energize rather than exhaust. Thanks!