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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Messy Mother's Day!!

What a good word for Mother's Day....
"Release your mistakes" and failures. (136) Whenever I mess up, it really messes with me. Learning to release those things and to disentangle the mental-emotional brain web that tends to capture and paralyze me is a tricky task. Just as I am breaking free it seems like some sadistic spider-man flings his oppressive web my direction and I must mentally wrestle free, again.
To release, rather than wrestle, is key to my freedom. Releasing lets me drop the mental-emotional brain web rather than trying to win a wearisome wrestling match with the inevitable fact that I cannot defend my flawed humanity. Mistakes and failures will be inevitable. Releasing my "morass of mistakes" to Jesus allows His "infinite creativity (to) weave both (my) good and bad into a lovely design." (Romans 8:28)
Living above the inevitable...dmc

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