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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Creating Ripples for His Glory

"All suffering has meaning in My kingdom. Pain and problems are opportunities to demonstrate your trust in Me...even thanking Me for them - this is one of the highest forms of praise...sending out ripples of good tidings in ever-widening circles...Remember I am sovereign and that I can bring good out of everything. (As) your suffering gains meaning (it) draws you closer to Me. Joy emerges from the ashes of adversity through your trust and thankfulness." (301)
Most of us would "run from pain or hide from problems" and some refuse to see how such could ever be God's desire for us. But we all know these times come even to the best of God's people. However, when we must walk through the waters of adversity, we have the amazing option to "accept adversity in (His) Name, offering it up to (Him) for (His) purposes...drawing closer...(as a result) Joy emerges from the ashes of adversity..."
The impact of each life is much like ripples in the sea of humanity. How we respond to adversity can touch far more lives than we could ever imagine!
I praise God for the those who have touched my life with faithfulness in the midst of various trials, demonstrating their great trust in a Sovereign God! I like the following poem. May it inspire you to cast your...
Stones for His Glory...dmc

Ripples in The Water
- by F J McCarthy. (2.2.2010)

Cast a stone into the calm clear water
Watch the ripples grow and grow and grow.
Then think of every moment in your lifetime
Creating ripples in the world you’ll never know.

Think of all the love that you have given
With the love that spreads as far as you can see.
For the life you have isn’t only yours for living.
Once the ripples of your love have come to me.

So think before you cast a stone in anger
For the anger that you cast will surely grow.
If you feel the fear and hatred of your brother.
You must find it in your heart to let it go.

Please drop your pebbles lightly on the water.
With love and hope to spread through out the sea.
And leave your stones of hatred on the seashore.
To turn to sand throughout eternity.


  1. I love that poem and your analogy with the ripples in the water! Really makes me think about what I do and how it can affect others. I was just getting ready to send in a response to a negative ad about one of our commissioners that is up for re-election and I had to reread what I wrote. I wanted to make sure that I am not spreading anger or hatred but straightening facts and am edifying. Thanks for the eye opener! I want to spread "ripples of love", not fear and hatred.

  2. Great application, Melissa! Thanks for your genuine journey with Jesus...you inspire us!