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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Sacred Space

"Take time to be still in My Presence...you need this sacred space of communion with Me." (300)
Psalm 46:10 directs us to "be still and know that I am God." The Hebrew language uses the word "raphah" where we translate "be still." Throughout the Old Testament it has various meanings, but basically it means to "let it drop" or to "create slack." I find this especially meaningful as I am in the midst of recovering from foot surgery. I've had to let all kinds of things "drop." And I am far more inclined to pick up the "slack" not "create slack!" So, being "still" to repair and recover is WAY out of my norm!
The implications of spiritually being "still" are immeasurable! It truly creates a kind of "sacred space" to commune with our Creator! There's another Hebrew word that captures my attention in Psalm 46. At the end of verses 3, 7 & 11 it says "Selah."
This was a type of musical term meaning to "pause and calmly think about it." So, in the flow of this song from the Psalms, there are basically three stanzas. The people are encouraged to pause at the end of each stanza and consider the truths that were just presented.
Every Wednesday noon I meet with a group of ladies who "pause" in the flow of their week to discuss and "calmly think about" biblical truths. Our group is called "Truth and Dialog" and that is exactly what we do!
Learning to "be still" and to "selah" - or "pause and calmly think" about God's Truth can exponentially change a life...it has mine! It creates that "sacred space" in my schedule to commune with my Creator...to "be still and KNOW" God!
Scheduling Selah...dmc


  1. Praying for your recovery Dawn Marie!



  2. I have a hard time "being still" at times also. It seems there is always something I need to do. But, surgery does help with that:)Dawn, may you heal quickly , but also enjoy the quiet time.

  3. "Take time to be still in My Presence"...Dawn as you are recovering may God bless you as you now have the time to take to be still in His Presence. May your recovery be quick and complete and may you grow closer to Him in this time.

  4. I pray that God will give you patience and peace as you recover.

  5. Wow...thank you for your love & prayers. This is certainly a time to "be still" and to DO Psalm 23.
    "Lying down in green pastures...the sofa or bed... with foot iced & lifted UP!
    Praising God that at this point meds are not making me too loopy to THINK! Smile!