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Saturday, October 23, 2010

His Smile of Approval

"Open your mind and heart to receive My heavenly smile of approval...(let it) wash over you and soak into the depths of your being... experience joyous union with Me." (310)
Years ago I went through a period of time where I struggled with being able to sense God's approval. One evening Joe and I sat together discussing my dilemma of why it was so difficult for me to feel accepted and loved by God. It made no sense... I had grown up in a loving home...so that was not the cause. I had a faithful, loving husband...so that was not the issue. I had rich, stable friendships...so that was not the problem. I had enough of life's blessings to feel secure and protected...so that was not it either. No matter what, we could not unearth the mysterious misery that brewed in my spirit. Although I had been saved years ago and had tried to be obedient to His Word... I was still longing for some sense of God's approval and His Presence.
With continued, honest soul-searching, lots of prayer support from my amazing husband and some wise advice from a seasoned pastor's wife... things changed! She told me to continue to meet with God every morning and at some point, I would sense His Presence. She said that He would reveal Himself to me, again. I had to push through my feelings and be found faithful, no matter what!
After that, during an early morning devotional time, I decided it was NOT going to be about me anymore or how I felt...it was going to be all about Him! So, I just started to refocus on Him. I wanted to know Him better so I studied with a new interest. I read everything I could about God, about His Son, Jesus, about His precious Holy Spirit. I started talking to Him nearly all the time...no matter what! Soon I was able to sense His Presence gently moving in near me, again, even overwhelming me at times.
Still, to this day, it is spiritually healthier for me to keep Him my focal point. There's so much to be grateful for when I consider His many blessings in my life. I can easily respond, with not just a smile, but sincere joy knowing that His "heavenly smile of approval" is there...even if I can't sense it...because I have learned that my own sensibilities may sabotage me. That I may not always sense or feel Him there. However, no matter what or how I feel...He is there! Hebrews 13:8 confirms He remains the same "yesterday, today and forever!" So, I have...
Lots to Smile About, No Matter What...dmc


  1. Wow Dawn Marie, That is that what I would call a desert experience! I have been there a few times actually and I feel God was working on me to see that my focus was out of focus. :) I also felt like He was no where but I was actually looking in all the wrong places. I have to keep reminding myself that Hebrews 13:5 says He will never leave me nor forsake me and know that He is just trying to teach me something.

  2. Thanks, Melissa! Desert times can certainly challenge us.
    How comforting to know...
    "He never leaves or forsakes us!"
    Such a good verse - thanks for sharing!