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Sunday, May 29, 2016

God-Aware & Grateful

When & Where are you more open to God?
Years ago, after ministering to people who had gone through a series of good times and bad times, Joe and I were honestly reflecting on our own lives and decided we would be very intentional about staying God-aware and grateful during all the situations of life. When things were going great or even when life was stressful and difficult... no matter what... we'd intentionally stay God-aware and grateful!
We decided we did not want to get into a pattern of earnestly seeking after God only when life was dark and difficult or when we were in desperate need of His help. We decided we wanted to habitually live up-close-and-personal even when life was "filled with good things."  We did not want to be inclined to focus on the good things more than on the Good God behind all those good things!!
It is true... "finding God in every situation" and responding "with thanksgiving and praise" does in fact open "wide the door to (His) Presence." (156)
Grateful for a Good, Good God...dmc

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