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Saturday, May 28, 2016

The Pool of God's Presence

The devo for today speaks of how great and overwhelming God is and how man mistakenly tends "to make himself the measure of all things. But man's measure is too tiny to comprehend (God's) majestic vastness." (155)
This makes me think of how silly it would be to fill a large swimming pool with water, one tiny teaspoon at a time! It would take forever and be a seemingly impossible task! Yet, that is similar to how small we are in comparison to God's Greatness.
Yet, a God so Great longs for us to "draw near" to Him! And as we "draw near" He promises to respond by drawing near to us! Incredible! (James 4:8)
I think it's time to dive into the pool of His great Presence; to let His overwhelming "Power and Glory" wash over and around us until we are...
Overwhelmed in Worship...dmc
PS - My friend, Melissa shared how this devo reminded her of the song, Measure of a Man by 4Him.

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