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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

In the Doorway

"View problems as opportunities to relay more fully on Me...your needs become doorways to deep dependence on Me, and increasing intimacy between us." (137)
The devo for today is profoundly impacting. Our secret door to "increasing intimacy" with God lies not in what WE can DO FOR Him...but in what HE can DO WITH us when we are overwhelmed with problems and feeling most needy!  Our various needs remind us of our ultimate need; dependency on God.  Who would have guessed that these "afflictions" (2 Cor. 1:3-11) are protecting us from the "idolatry of self-reliance."  Idolatry will keep us out of heaven...intimacy will make us feel right at home in heaven!
Stepping into the Doorway...dmc
PS - As a child, I remember peeking through a doorway, seeing my mother (Dorothy Volesky) in prayer. It was a peek into my Mother's heart! What a precious memory-gift!


  1. Thanks for your blogs the past few days -- I have entered them in my journal -- so good for me as we are waiting for Dana's surgery on Monday. Blessings, Joyce

  2. Thanks, Joyce. Our prayers are with your family as you are leaning hard into Jesus, our Healer & Sustainer!

  3. Your writings really help to further interpret Jesus Calling for me. I read the devotional then come directly here, to see how you have been impacted by it. THANK YOU for your thoughts and insight as I grapple with how to trust and depend on God.