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Monday, May 9, 2016

Releasing Mistakes

"Release your mistakes" and failures. (136)
Whenever I mess up, it can really mess with me. Learning to release those things and to disentangle the mental-emotional brain web that tends to capture and paralyze me is a tricky task. Just as I am breaking free it seems like some sadistic spider-man flings his oppressive web my direction and I must mentally wrestle free, again.
To release, rather than wrestle, is key to my freedom. Releasing lets me drop the mental-emotional brain web rather than trying to win a wearisome wrestling match with the inevitable fact that I cannot defend my flawed humanity. Mistakes and failures will be inevitable. Releasing my "morass of mistakes" to Jesus allows His "infinite creativity (to) weave both (my) good and bad into a lovely design." (Romans 8:28)
Releasing the inevitable...dmc


  1. Dawn,
    You have talked often of how and what your Dad has taught you...from pain to many other things. I rejoice with you that he is no longer in pain, but singing songs with the angels. May God's great Peace and Comfort be with you and your family as He fills the hole left by your Dad's going Home.

    I had never thought of thoughts like a spider web, but that is an interesting take as I HATE spider webs and hate worse accidentally getting them on me. Being a visual learner, this analogy helps me to understand today's devo better.
    God bless and keep you. Blessings, Mikaela

  2. Dawn Marie, I love Romans 8:28 and as usual God's timing is perfect. I have been sharing the Jesus Calling with Travis as he struggles through a difficult time in his life. This one was very fitting!

    We are sorry for your loss but rejoice for your father. Praise God for the hope that we will see our loved ones again! We are praying for you all!

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    Hugs to you!

  3. Your words comfort and encourage me, thanks Mikaela & Melissa! I enjoyed the song..."we will worship & adore Him" in the Golden City!! Amen! Daddy is THERE!!

  4. I love when I open your page, sometimes it's exactly what I need to hear/read! My husband and I were just talking this morning about letting things in the past go-- in order to gain much freedom and trust in the Lord!

    thank you for running this site!