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Saturday, July 2, 2016

God's Voila' Ability

"Living well is both a discipline and an art... staying close to Me, the divine Artist... I work My way in your life." (193)
Maui has become an island of many artists. The lush scenery, colorful birds, flowers and ever-changing ocean just inspire creative minds to be even more creative. When there, we will often watch the various artists paint, carve, sculpt or mold their craft into highly sought after treasures.
Our lives are to be examples of God's Craft-ability at work. Daily He fashions us into extensions of His own Image.
I marvel at His handiwork in nature and in the hearts and lives of those He's placed in my world. It is "both a discipline and an art," the way He crafts His Image into our hearts. All my insecurity, inadequacy, insufficiency, and vast inability can be miraculously God-crafted... and voila'... His image appears in living color! It's God's Voila' Ability at work in each of our lives! I suppose that makes us....
God's Voila' Treasures...dmc

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  1. I have had your site bookmarked for some time and recently came across it again. I was puzzled by the opening statement preceded by a number. First I wondered if it was from some book of scripture. But I couldn't think of what scripture it could be. I also have spent devotional time in Ms.Young's devotional. Putting the two together I checked and found that the number corresponds to the page number of her devotional. Then I was puzzled why there is no scripture in your devotional. I understand that you took a portion of her devotional and crafted a beautiful devotional of your own. You are very talented. I would like to comment but I no way mean any disrespect. I probably will come back to this site sometimes, but I think that it would be much better if you didn't use this as a supplement to Jesus Calling and wrote your own devotional including scripture. I love to take pictures. This causes me to look for pictures in everything that I see. In the process I see the art of God in many things. I also like to enjoy other's creations. After reading your devotional I decided to google Gods art. Then I tried with an apostrophe. Neither search produced any that I had hoped for. On YouTube I did a little better. I found this: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=oJCVUHeloS8
    I would like to comment further but my hands are tired. I guess we can find God's beauty in almost everything if we try. Wouldn't it be a better world if we searched for beauty rather than ugliness. Thank you for your devotion to the Lord and may God bless you.