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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Reshuffle & Relax

"Relax and let Me lead you...I have everything under control. (In) My control...you are set free to enjoy Me and to find what I have prepared for you this day." (217)
My parents, Kaehl & Dorothy Volesky, were married on this day and shared nearly 58 years together before Daddy passed away. When Mother faced her first anniversary separated from Daddy we went out to eat, enjoyed some 'oldies' dinner music and did some reminising. Over and over again, the choices they had made in the midst of challenge reflected the learned art of letting God pace and grace their lives! A heritage I highly treasure!
Our culture is obsessed with planning and pre-planning, making sure every detail is under control. Recently a sweet little bride told me how she was excited, yet exhausted, with all the planning that goes into a wedding. With her exhaustion about to overtake her excitement, she was definitely looking for some relief.
I could identify with her. I have days that leave me far too exhausted to really enjoy or even notice all the hidden blessings God has woven into my day. I am asking God to help me stay in balance... to selectively attend to daily demands, to be keenly God-aware and to learn to relax a whole lot more!
Just like my Mother, adjusting to the "reshuffling" of her life without Daddy around, every age and stage of life seems to offer the option to reshuffle and relax or to wrestle and collapse! May we discover a rewarding reshuffle as we "look to (Jesus, who will) show (us) what to do now and next."
Grateful for my mother's living demonstration of that!

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