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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Whispering His Name

"...Whisper My Name in loving trust. This simple prayer can restore your awareness of My Presence." (203)
I have had many incidents where whispering Jesus' name made a huge difference in the situation... and in ME! The name, "Jesus" means God Saves!!! I am so grateful that I can bring God's power and presence into any situation, thought or encounter...just by whispering Jesus' Name, especially since worry also tends to whisper.
Research indicates that most people respond best, after coming out of surgery, or some other distressing time, if they hear their own name. To hear one's own name speaks powerfully and impacts deeply, even if it is softly whispered.
It blesses me to know that Jesus knows my name and, even more, that when I speak or whisper His name...He hears! I want to be sure that I am daily...
Responding to Jesus' Name...dmc

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