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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bridges & Branches of the Mind

"I know everything about you, far more than you know of yourself." (167)
The complexities of the human mind, the networks of thought patterns and behaviors are far beyond our ability to explain or to understand. Hidden somewhere in the neuro-bridges and branches of the brain lies the sick and seductive tendencies of the soul. Patterns that taunt us, haunt us, until we feel helplessly overcome. SOMEONE knows and totally understands us! Yet even more AMAZING... we will continue to resist honest confess to the One who honestly knows and loves us anyway!
Perhaps, it's because our great flaw is the tangled thought patterns of pride we've woven in the mind and then we blindly hide behind then or become trapped within them! Some of our own bridges and branches sabotage our own good.
Confession IS good for the soul...and for the mind!
Bringing every network of thought into the Light of His Presence...dmc

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