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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

God's Emergency Room

"Relax in My healing, holy Presence. Be still, while I transform your heart and mind."(161) The scripture for today paints an interesting picture in the original language. "Be still and know that I am God..." Ps. 46:10
The phrase "be still" comes from the word "raphah" which means "to mend, heal by stitching, as a physician stitches a wound."
This reminds me of a memorable trip to the ER years ago when our two sons were in their early teens. The boys had been riding their dirt bikes in the woods near our home. Racing back home, the younger one went down, taking a turn on loose gravel. In an effort to miss him, the older one also went down. I had to take both boys to the ER to remove gravel, set a broken bone and get a knee stitched up. In all the ER drama, the the biggest challenge was getting both boys to "be still," sit still, while their flesh was scrubbed, stitched and a broken arm set and cast.
When life leaves me broken, bruised and in need of some mending...it's still hard to just "be still" and let the Physician do His job.
Trying to Relax in the ER...dmc


  1. It's always fun to read your posts, Dawn, and see the different things you get out of the devotion from us. And, some people think the Bible is boring. Ha! The thing that stood out to me was the part about man-made rules and how they enslave people. Most of us who grew up in church know about "religion" and man-made rules! I am so glad we can have a personal relationship with our Lord and can go to Him for everything and know that He loves us, no matter what we do! But, we do need to "be still" and let Him do His job, and quit trying to do it for Him. As a type A personality, that one is hard:)

  2. Oh, Kay, I certainly understand the "enslaving" rules of religion...I am so grateful we live in a freeing relationship! Thanks, Kay!