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Friday, June 18, 2010

Well Graced, Well Paced

"You are My beloved child... walk with Me along paths designed uniquely for you... keeping in step with Me... stay close... I set the pace in keeping with your needs and My purposes." (177)
It's a strange mix for me. Most of the time I live with a sense of urgency, in a hurry, off to the next thing. However, some of the more soul-enriching, life-expanding things I would like to accomplish seem just beyond my reach, pushed somewhere into future days. Learning to be paced well requires a good measure of grace for me.
The Old Testament story of Jacob returning home with his large family and flocks has given me a good example of being well-paced. Rather than driving them hard for even one day, Jacob choose to "continue on slowly, at a pace suited to the livestock and the children..." (Gen. 33:13-14)
Having young grandchildren and aging parents gives me opportunity to learn the benefits of pacing well, of being respectful of the weaker, more vulnerable ones. Even my own issues with back pain have challenged me to pace differently and wisely.
Jacob's tender, careful attention to his family and flocks reminded me of how the Good Shepherd of our Souls, gathers us, His lambs, and carries us close to His heart. (Is. 40:11)
So, when I'm anxious to move on...I must remember He sets "the pace in keeping with (my) needs and (His) purposes! He graciously keeps me...
Paced Well...dmc

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