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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bubbles of God's Grace

"Sit quietly with Me, letting all your fears and worries bubble up to the surface... In the Light of My Presence, the bubbles pop and disappear... My Presence will be with you at all times... Enjoy Peace in My Presence." (328)
I know what it's like to have fears and worries bubble up, something like murky sludge from a broken sewage line. But, I also know what it's like to have beautiful bubbles of grace surround and lift me up to new heights, into a whole new perspective.
It reminds of one summer when we had grandchildren out on the back patio making all kinds of bubbles...blowing, spinning, running, jumping with an assortment of bubble making wands. They would "ooh" and "ahh" with wonder, then squeal with uncontainable delight.
There is something quite amazing about the nature of a bubble. It reflects a rainbow of colors and seems to defy gravity, floating effortlessly in space. God's love can act as a indestructible grace bubble that allows us to defy the downward pull of sin and to be lifted up to new heights. Ephesians 2:4-10 speaks of how His great love and grace has saved us and raised us up to be with Him, in heavenly places and to display the immeasurable riches of His grace.
I think we should keep bubble wrap around for those times when we need to pop the bubbles of fear and worry in our lives and then go outside and make a few bubbles of grace!
Captured in God's Grace Bubble...dmc

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