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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Simply Simple & Sane

"There is no condemnation for those who are in Me... Be content to be a simple sheep, listening for My voice and following Me...into restful green pastures...along paths of righteousness." (336)
There are certain benefits that come with simple living that I want to incorporate into my life more and more. It may take awhile, but with God's help, here are several I want to work on:
1. Getting rid of excess and clutter so my schedule and my surroundings are more peace-filled and manageable.
2. Choosing to overcome the rat-race rather than being overwhelmed by it, which helps me stay balanced, protecting my spirit, soul & sanity. (Smile!)
3. Making sure more "stuff" does not cost me more valuable time, more effort in upkeep or financially obligate me more and longer than I want.
4. Crafting a rewarding lifestyle that allows me to invest more eternally rather than entangling me materially.
5. Letting the ultimate joys of family, friends and God's display of nature be my entertainment, not the superficial, catch-your-eye "toys" that leave one empty, broke and lonely.
6. Listening more to the calm and less to the clamor.
7. Guarding my mind, from dark thoughts that ambush me or use fear to freeze me, so I can be free to engage in creative thoughts that encourage and bless this world.
Heading toward the "pastures & paths" of the simple & free...dmc


  1. Oh I like that Dawn Marie! Funny thing,I have been cleaning out my closets and getting rid of the clutter. However I certainly could have used #1 for my schedule yesterday. Between work, school, a soccer party and a voice recital there wasn't much time for anything and that can be stressful. However I am grateful my children are involved in constructive and fun activities. What a blessing they are even if my schedule is hectic at times! This is where #2, #6 and #7 fit in for me. Jesus helps keep me smiling even with stress-filled schedules and late evenings!

  2. Melissa, you've got awesome kids, who have an awesome mom! You're raising a generation who will bless multitudes. Thanks for investing in them and for being a #1 Mom!