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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Jesus in the Nick of Time

"Your weakness does not repel Me. On the contrary, it attracts My Power... come to Me with your gaping neediness; let the Light of My Love fill you... (It takes) courage to thank Me even during hard times. Yielding yourself to My will is ultimately an act of trust." (321)
Several years ago I was walking with my daughter-in-law through a shopping center parking lot and suddenly she bolted ahead, without saying a word, across the drive, toward the front door. Only then did I notice an elderly man struggling with his cane and the heavy glass door. Just in the nick of time, she grabbed the door before it knocked him over. She assisted him, chatting cheerfully with him, until he was comfortably situated inside with his own cart. By this time, I had caught up with her and overheard him thank her profusely. She briefly explained that she grew up with a mom who had mobility problems so she was just conditioned to notice that kind of thing.
I had not even looked ahead and was not aware of the situation and was amazed at her keen awareness of someone in need! He was so grateful!
That's kind of the way I see it with Jesus. He's keenly aware of our "gaping neediness" and our inherent weaknesses that cause us to struggle with so many situations and various dilemmas of life. He has an eye for that sort of thing, knows exactly when to rush in, how to ease our anxiety and how to get us situated to move forward, again.
It's all about trusting Him...trusting that He really sees, really cares, really knows how to respond and really WILL respond!
Taking "trust" to a new level...dmc

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