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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Manna in the Morning Works

"Just as the Israelites could not store up manna for the future but had to gather it daily, so it is with My Peace. The day-by-day collecting of manna kept My people aware of their dependence on Me. Similarly, I give you sufficient Peace for the present..." (113)
The phenomena of daily manna and the phenomena of daily peace are both expressions of God's supernatural provision for our current needs. Just like the Israelites needed nourishment, we need the benefits of peace to spiritually nourish and sustain us. The daily-ness of our needs and the daily-ness of His 'peace-producing' Presence couple together beautifully.
When I am filled with His Presence, I have Peace! So, when I'm need-full I can feed on the manna of His Presence and become peace-full! What a truth!
It's a supernatural thing...I can't explain it... but it works and I am...
Overwhelmingly Grate-full...dmc :)


  1. One thing that today really stuck out, "If I gave you permanent Peace, independent of My Presence, you might fall into the trap of self-sufficiency. May that never be." (113)

    Before I became committed to spending time with God on a daily basis, I think back to how often I would forget all about God when things were going good for me, but as soon as things went bad I was calling on Him to fix it. I now realize that God has a "gift" for me to help me get through each moment of my day, but I can’t receive it unless I go to Him.

  2. How true and how sad...to think how easy it is for us to "forget all about God when things are going good."
    Good insights...thanks Melissa!