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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Prayers Under the Stairs

Easter Blessings to You!
Today's scripture says, "For the eyes of the Lord range throughout the earth to show Himself strong for those whose hearts are completely His." 2 Chron.16:9 Quoting our devo for today..."I am pleased with your desire to create a quiet space where you and I can meet. Don't be discouraged by the difficulty of achieving this goal. I monitor all your efforts and am blessed by each of your attempts to seek My Face." (99)
Years ago, when we were first in ministry, I wanted to "created a quiet space" to get alone with God. There were limited options, so I cleaned out a storage place under a staircase. It was in a cold basement so I had to use a small space heater to keep warm. I added a little bookcase, folding chair, lamp, a map of the world on the wall (to pray for countries and missionaries), notebook, journal, prayer file with 3x5 cards, my "God Box," tissue box and a Boom Box to play praise music. Then, I would daily sneak under the stairs. I was seriously seeking Him...and after several months...it seemed like He "found me" and began meeting with me! My relationship with God, my love for His Word, my perspectives and assumptions were radically impacted. As children, pets, daily responsibilities and other demands filled my time, I found it more difficult, yet more critical, to get into my little prayer closet while kids napped or early in the mornings. Over the years my prayer closet has had to morph into a prayer desk, a prayer corner, a prayer basket, and now a prayer chair...depending on where we're living. It is SO worth all the effort.
I understand that Charles & John Wesley's mother, Susanna, would throw her apron over her head to create a place to seek God in the midst of her many children and very limited space. She had 19 children. Although 9 died as infants, the remaining 10 kept her more than busy! God certainly blessed her prayers under her apron! Although I hardly ever wear my apron and I no longer have a staircase, I'm still...
Prayerfully Seeking His Face...dmc

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