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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Pliability's Ability

Today's devo speaks of the potter and the clay. (Isaiah 64:8) To remind myself of the role I am to play, I need to get out some Play Dough and take a lesson from its pliability or transformation abilities. However, for transformation to happen, I must submit myself to the process of change. Change can be quite challenging...or change can be quite refreshing! It all depends upon my ability to be pliable. Pliability gives me the ability to be transformed into His image at any time for any purpose with anyone anywhere. All much easier said than done!!
Saying "yes" to the potter...dmc

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  1. I love the play dough exercise! Yesterday was a molding day for me! It started with the devo that seemed like God was talking right to me. I guess He wanted me to keep my attitude in check because my day was full and I even had taken the day off from work! My schedule was planned and any kind of change would have thrown a wrench in my system and messed it all up. Well it’s inevitable that this would happen because of the time limitations and it did. (This is where I usually get mad) When the wrench was thrown in, I remembered not to “focus on situations that displease” me (my inconvenience). (101) I talked with God and focused on a solution. “Talk with Me about what you are experiencing”. (102) I talked, He listened! I then saw God transform a disastrous day into a glorious one!